Friday, November 20, 2009

Google Reader

Time for some housekeeping. First of all, Google Reader feeds:

T-Rex is Lonely - spinoff of Dinosaur Comics and Garfield Minus Garfield
Calvin & Hobbes - Bill Waterson's genius, delivered daily :)
Soul Shelter - Great blog about connecting with others in the modern, technological world. Required reading: In Defense of Solitude (Part 1, Part 2)

The most significant changes have not been in new feeds, but rather in a trimming of my high volume feeds. This has freed up an insane amount of time, which I've put towards real reading (7 books in the past 6 weeks).

First Read - Super good for inside politics, but since the elections, I don't feel there's quite as much to do. We worked to hire the legislators, now it's their turn to do their job.
Five Thirty Eight - amazing analysis by Nate Silver, but it's become too dense for interest without the horserace.

GOOD transparency - despite the excellent infographs, I wasn't reading this as much as I should have.
Yahoo! News Top Stories - too much noise and time, even without reading them. The world goes on without breaking news.
LifeHacker - LifeHacker was insanely interesting, and I read nearly everything, but I feel I've got my productivity system down now.

The Master Subscription List has been updated.